Quite a Week!

No Tubes!

I was released from the hospital Tuesday after only 6 days…not sure how that happened… but the Lord was in this big time!   I am amazed at all that has transpired since entering on Wednesday morning. I have included a photo of Nancy delivering me to the operating room at 5 AM…. and then one after surgery…and one after being released. I appear to be “back”!

I am looking still for the “freight train” that ran me over, but overall…I am doing great…thanks largely to God’s infinite grace and your prayers. The surgeon did a highly effective job with some potentially challenging complications that arose, so I know God guided him as well… and I love knowing that. I emerged with tubes coming out of 6 different places ( I will not describe all that) but as the next few days went on, I found them being removed as I progressed very quickly. Then, after finding myself still on

On the way to surgery

Monday being checked for “vital signs” every 2-4 hours, and 4 different pain medications, and such (the chest tube is the worst by the way)… suddenly on Tuesday AM the doctor came in and pulled then chest tube out and said I could go home that day…wow…surprise.

As we still have a few tests to assure everything is healing correctly so we are in Houston (staying at the beautiful St Regis hotel) and I have my new “friend”, the feeding tube, from which I get all nutrition…and my pain medication (my other friend). So basically, I am “eating” (tube) 24 hours a day. The doc says I can begin supplementing with other food soon, and look to getting off the tube in 4-6 weeks (or sooner if I get enough prayer).


Again, can I say enough how thankful I am? To my Lord and savior for leading me through this time and to His ultimate purposes…and to the medical team here for the amazing things they do…and to Nurse Nancy (what a blessing indeed!)…and to my family, who were all here all week watching and praying and serving where needed. Jeff and Shannon Neuber each logged days in Houston as well… what a blessing they are in all areas of our life. Jeff has also been “running the world” in my absence and allowed me the time to heal without worry!

And so much for all of you who have lifted me and all of us up so fervently and consistently and generously and even sacrificially…. through fasting and inconvenience. You are amazing. It really matters. The fervent prayers of a righteous man availeth much, so what do the fervent prayers of thousands of righteous people do? We just saw that!

I will perhaps share more in a future posting about some of the small miracles and

At the St. Regis after being discharged

wonderful blessings along the way. The people who were praying that don’t even know me…but know you!  I will share how one of our leaders even contacted the Vatican in Rome on my behalf…. and the Pope himself offered prayers for me. Crazy huh? God is great! I think we are part of the most amazing network of friends and Godly people in the world. Does each of us even realize what we have in each other and this family we share? I do more than ever now!!

So this is just a brief one to let you know where I am….and say that I love you all.


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