Heading to Florida

Finally, real food!

Well, after a week in Atlanta, the Dornans have decided to transfer (courtesy of “Dornan-Air”) to Sarasota…. where I can continue my recovery on the beach and in the sun. What a blessing that is! My first week out of the hospital and into my own bed (well, one of my own beds) was pretty uneventful in fact, and for that I am very grateful. My “job” now is to learn how to eat enough each day to get off this feeding tube they sent me home installed with. Imagine Jim, once again spending the day hunting for healthy calories, but eating in small amounts. A new lifestyle indeed. The docs hope to get me freed of this feeding device in two more weeks if I can get my eating up to speed by then. This will be a huge relief for sure. The pain from the surgery gets better each day, and I am “encouraged” by Nurse Nancy to walk a lot so that it speeds and helps the process. I am up to about 2 miles a day now so I am getting there. I am sure she is proud of me 🙂 She is also placing endless bottles of supplements in front of me…so my Nutrilite is at work along with God and Nancy!

It has been wonderful to see the grandkids again, and we celebrated Eric’s birthday last Friday with


a big party at his house and many of his Power Soccer friends, and the rest of the family too. Nancy and I have been watching the NCAA college basketball tournament over the past weeks and enjoying the finals this weekend. Last year Amway invited us to attend the Final Four “live” last year in Indianapolis and that was a big treat for us. The tickets are hugely expensive (thousands of dollars each) and hard to get. Many years we have not been able to see these fun games as we were typically travelling somewhere during this time. So…there are blessings in our “time out” and we keep pointing them out to each other. We sure have had some great family time over these past 4 months, and although we miss all of you greatly…we have seen how God is using this period of our life to shape us and draw us nearer to Him.

Ironically, the idea of deepening my spiritual life, and studying God’s Word more, and finding a renewed passion in my life for things that are eternal, has been my private prayer for the past few years. I love what I do, and I love my life….and wouldn’t trade with anyone….but I just felt the call to seek some additional level of God’s plan and purpose. I say that to now realize and share with you all that perhaps this “invader” has done just what I asked. Not always…but often…God himself allows the “desert experiences” of our lives, as that is often the ONLY place He can get our full attention. Either way…He has mine. The “enemy” has not won…and will not win…as I belong to the Lord, He loves me (and each of you), and He is always in control. The ultimate battle is won, but we all must still face trials and danger and disappointment and discouragement and illnesses, and even death in this life. But…I can rejoice in the “Certainty” of life eternal through the amazing grace and sacrifice of Christ.

Abbie, David, Jim, Eric, Jules, Nancy & Heathe

As amazing as it is that God would provide such a “gift”, It only serves to increase my awareness that so many people around my world still do not understand or accept this simple message that we call the “Gospel” which just means “Good News”. The news that we don’t “earn” our way to Heaven, but it is provided through the ultimate sacrifice of our Lord, and available to anyone who asks. As the Bible says in Revelation 3:20;

“Behold, I stand at the door and knock, if anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him, and he with me”.  What a great deal…what an offer! The creator of the universe wants a personal relationship with you and me. He loves us enough to provide a path to eternal life for everyone…not just a few, and not based on what we “do”, but on His love and grace, as long as we believe and have faith in the One He sent.  So many of you share my faith and beliefs, and you have shared so wonderfully and openly about how God works and what he promises. I pray we can together somehow make sure this message gets to as many as will hear it.

As you all know, I will continue to respect each of my friends and business associates around the world, and love them and serve them regardless of whether they “agree” or accept this faith that many of us have together. But I will also seek to share the “Good News” when I can, and when appropriate, as it is this faith that has brought me to this point of healing and a “second chance” at my life. Praise the Lord indeed. This is my “personal” blog and journey, and as such I am compelled to be more open than I would ever in a “business setting”. But don’t we all love this “business” we have together globally that allows for us to love and serve people of all faiths equally. That is God’s command to us…known as the greatest commandment. When the disciples asked Jesus what is the greatest commandment, Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.  This is the first and greatest commandment.  And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.” (Matthew 22: 37-39).

Jim with the birthday boy

So…the Dornans are gathering at the beach to rejoice in this phase of my healing and to praise God …and each of you….for what is happening in my life as a result of this enemy attack. Your prayers continue to bless me as do your comments. I remain committed to loving and serving ALL people,  and to being a witness to God’s perfect love and mercy. I continue to seek His face and His wisdom and to hide His Word in my heart. I am claiming a full recovery and years of more effective service and blessings….and to seeing how He will use me as we move forward in His will. It is hard to imagine being more blessed than I already am…but not to imagine being more “available” and obedient.

I pray that my experiences will be a blessing and help to others in this amazing global family that has taken such a loving interest in my welfare. I will keep posting away so that we can remain connected as I move forward, and until I can see you in person again. In the meantime…the business is strong and the leadership is fully engaged around the world in doing what we always do together….add value to the people we serve. And you can all pray for my “new parts” to work well, and my strength to return so that I can do more than just “type and eat”.

I miss you all.


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