Praise God !

Just a brief “Praise Report” as I am just back from my surgery. Jim 2.0 is back!!

As it is so fresh, I will not offer details except to say that “I am back!” Even the surgeon felt it went very well and he got all he wanted….. and a few extra blessings thrown in. I am now in those hours and days where everything is watched closely (prayers still welcome), but I am doing great and I am convinced it is directly due to all your earnest prayers for me. I will see the doctor later today but right now I just wanted to at least allow my dear friends to see that I am “vertical” and smiling just hours after returning from the O.R.  It was so great to have all the kids surrounding Nancy and I am feeling extra grateful and blessed.

Our Lord has delivered on his promises, and answered our prayers…. as we all expected. The surgeon was superb and was able to conquer any and all of the delicate issues that had popped up over these past days and hours leading up to my surgery. It was even slightly shorter than predicted ….and so far all my “vital signs” and indicators are great. I am indeed a blessed and happy man. But then, I was a blessed and happy man “before” he gave me this latest gift too. Remember, we must “count it all joy”… and…. the Lord delivers us “in the fire“, as well as “from the fire“. We each step out daily in faith, and we make our priority knowing our God and serving him as our Lord and Savior….and He blesses and directs our path. Not because any of us “deserves” it….but simply because of who He is, and His love for us. Never has that been more clear to me than today.

So let’s praise Him together!!! …..and I will be back with more as the days go on here. A couple of photos  so that you can see me “Pre-op” as we headed to the hospital…and “post-op” by a few hours.

You are such dear friends and partners with us in this life! We love you!!!

Jim 2.0

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