Merry Christmas – 2011 Here I Come!

Well, the official Christmas celebrations are now over here in Houston. I sure hope that you all had a blessed holiday with family. We had 11 adults and 5 kids for the weekend festivities.  What a blast! On Christmas evening we all went church for a candlelight service and great music…we all absolutely loved it. Then I arranged a private dining room at the Four Seasons Houston for all of us to have Christmas dinner together ( no way to fit in our apartment and besides…chef Kevin went home for three days for his Christmas time with wife and young son, Gavin). He is back now….whew!

I took my home-made vegetable concoction into to the festivities, and the family was allowed to splurge… as they should! The kids were “magical” and sang songs and ran around and crawled under the table ( private room remember) and even the waiters were amused and smiling. We were all singing a mixture of “Away in a Manger”, Here comes Santa Clause, Amazing Grace and Happy Birthday Jesus. What a blast!

Sunday we went to church again here in Houston and would you believe ran right into Beth Moore!… Nancy’s favorite Bible teacher/author! I have included a photo for those who know her. Her ministry is absolutely amazing and she is so deep and funny and inspired, that even though it is a “woman’s ministry”… I listen intently to her CDs and DVDs as well. Dave Dornan says he worries that I will have to give up my “man-card” after eating juices and watching Beth Moore DVDs…but it is worth it.

It has been very easy this year to stay true to the meaning of Christmas. We all were focused on our love for God, and each other…no distractions and plenty of reminders of our dependence on Him, and our love and gratefulness for each other and for our promise of healing. Maybe from now on at Christmas, we will just leave home… and rent a small apartment somewhere… and bring all the kids in… and then look for other nearby needy families that we can pray with/for, and offer relief to. An idea. There is power and inspiration and comfort in simplicity huh?

As I write this, I have had a few days of therapy/treatments and I feel great thankfully. I even can swallow a lot better today, so I am more able to keep my calories up, and stop losing weight. Protein shakes and lots of veggie juice are my main diet.

Anyway…just a short post today so I can catch you all up and offer once again my very biggest thank you’s for your wonderful messages. I hope as others read them…. and realize that our big family is reaching out and touching each other from so many countries around the world….they will be as inspired as I am about this blessed group of people I serve and love.

Imagine this…Thailand, India, Russia, China, Greece, Turkey, Ukraine, Germany, Africa, Malaysia, Indonesia, Slovenia, Romania, Columbia, Mexico, Philippines, Scandinavia, Australia, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Czech, Switzerland, New Zealand, Singapore and many old and new friends from the US and Canada too….it seems to never end. Over 35,000 visits so far that I know of!

Please keep writing as I love knowing you are out there…and loving that others can see the love and passion and bond that we enjoy together. What a business! So much more than a business! Obviously, God has shown us that only from such a crisis could this communication been possible. Blessings in the storm! I already feel I am learning so much… and becoming so much more deeply grateful for all of you! Your prayers for sure! But also your offers of help, input, or stories of similar sufferings or triumphs, or just your desire to see me back in action. Who could ask for more?

Enjoy a few more photos of the Dornans’ adventure, and keep praying (that is my greatest blessing and need) and claiming our victory together…. as I will pray for you and yours. There are still too many people that do not know what we have here. We MUST bring them into this world if possible. A true “Network of Caring”!

May God bless all of you in 2011


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