Home Sweet Home

As I write this we have just returned to Atlanta from Houston…Praise God indeed! It is an understatement to say how good it feels to be in my normal environment and home. Jeff Neuber jumped on “Dornan-Air” and came out to Houston this morning with our dear Pilots (Ron and Dave)….I fear they may “forget” how to fly, as we have left them sitting around for two months now. Most “employees” would love to be paid, and not work, but these two fellows are incredible…and LOVE to fly. I am grateful for them in our life. It was good to see them…. And Jeff wanted to be there too for the ride back and to help.

When we returned…his wife Shannon was there, and had (of course) decorated the house with scriptures and balloons. What wonderful friends and life supporters we have. We are so blessed. Dave is in Florida until Monday for meetings, and we plan to see all the kids and grandkids tomorrow and Monday for sure. It is times like this that we sure do want to be around those we love.  Chef (and all around great guy) Kevin drove our car home from Houston over the past two days and he is now back with  his family too….we sure did appreciate the fact that he was displaced for the same two months, and we could not have functioned in Houston without him being there to provide so much in the way of shopping and cooking etc.

We actually hadn’t planned to be home until Monday or Tuesday…but the doctors decided it was OK  for me to have my final 2 radiation treatments on the same day. (morning and late afternoon) …..that did kind of “whack” me a bit, but I am so happy that I am “back in my own bed” a few days earlier…..and most of all grateful and relieved to have this set of treatments over. Now…we must flush out the remaining chemicals, and residual radiation effects, and get my body back in shape. They say that the stuff “keeps working” for a couple of weeks more, so I am unsure of what that means…I just trust my Lord to keep me strong, and in health through it… as He has all along.

As always..this “fight” is a battle against the doubts and fears and discouragement that the “enemy” tries (without ceasing) to send our way. Whether it be a loss of appetite, or nausea, or pain , or weakness…we simply reject it, and claim victory and healing… and focus on His ultimate power and love.  He who is in us is greater than he who is in the world! (1 John 4:4). I have been spared most all of the predicted terrors and illnesses and weaknesses that many others have…and that they “warned” us about. For this I give God all the glory. It is NOT my strength, but His. It is NOT my positive thinking…but His power available to me as His child, in faith. It is His protection and favor and love and grace that allows it all. We do praise Him each day and will continue to trust Him for the future.

I am asking myself daily some questions.  Am I seeking God’s will for my life and goals? (that’s different from “my will”, and asking God to “bless it”). Am I seeking to know Him better, and serve Him daily? Am I clear to see God as the source of all my talents and opportunities, and  blessings? Am I resting in His promises and His love? The Bible says the phrase “Fear not” more than any other. I wonder why? Fear and discouragement are Satan’s biggest tools. We must resist the enemy…and he will flee. (James 4:7). Never as easy as it sounds, but always possible with God’s grace….and His power, and the Holy Spirit dwelling in us.

Well…enough for today…a few photos here to keep you all updated…. and now I will see what God has for me as we move ahead into the next chapter of my amazing life…with all of you….and in His service.

Romans 12:21 “I am the body of Christ and satan has no power over me. I overcome evil with good”.
Ephesians 6:16 “I take the shield of faith, and stop everything the enemy brings against me”.

Love to you all today…thanks for your prayers!

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