Still Praising!

Well, it has been a while since I posted any news, and so let’s get caught up. I have been doing great with my assorted health regimens and feeling quite good. My golf game continues to improve (no kidding…so much was lacking) and I am grateful indeed for all the opportunities I have been given to strengthen my body and repel this disease permanently.

I went to Houston on April 12 as many know, and underwent another follow up scan. They told me that all previous areas of concern looked good (hooray) and the Gamma Knife was quite successful too. For this we are all grateful. There was, however, a new spot at the base of my spine which was suspicious, and since I was experiencing some numbness in my foot, they wanted a follow up MRI in Atlanta. We did that…. and now we have just confirmed that this indeed must be treated with radiation. Not so exciting to hear….but I learned it can be done here locally, so I am spared the two weeks in Houston (no offense to my Houston friends). I will begin that protocol this Monday. Once again I must deal with this invader as it tries to find new footing…but we continue to claim otherwise and stand firm against it.

We will be grateful for your continuing prayers that this is successful as a treatment and that we can, once and for all, eliminate this dreaded disease that has been stalking your friend and his family. The enemy is determined… but he has already “lost” to our sovereign Lord. This distraction will not deter us all from our ultimate victory and will only serve to strengthen our combined faith and bring glory to God as always.

Strangely, as I write this, my Founders Council friends are all in Portofino, Italy for the 2012 event. It is weird to miss such a wonderful happening, but I am certain that my place is still here and focused on a full return to health…..I know you and others have agreed. …so for the next couple of weeks I will be again in a machine daily and likely not sending any dream-building postcards….sorry.

Humorously, in between my tests in Houston on April 12 and my results which led to the

Some of our Amazing EU Leaders

new round of treatments….we were able to travel to New York City for the Amway Diamond Forum for Europe, Russia, and Africa Diamonds. Obviously, we have been blessed with a large number of Diamonds in this region so we were excited to be able to see so many key people so close to us. As we ourselves qualified from more than one country as Diamond or above, we were able to bring Dave and Jules along as well to mix with and help connect and inspire and deepen relationships. They know so many of these leaders now, and were just a few months ago the main speakers in Kiev, Ukraine for the all Europe Leadership event of N21…..and Dave was also in Moscow for a huge meeting of 8000+.  They were a big hit there as always.

More Amazing Leaders from EU and SA

What a wonderful few days at the Waldorf Towers and hitting the amazing NYC as only Amway Diamonds can. We had a private cruise to Ellis Island and around the Statue of Liberty, and then a private dinner on the island as it was closed for us. On the way home we sailed by the statue again, and were treated to a private fireworks display. What a night! God is good. Groups did tours of the city, Central Park, shopping, went to Broadway shows, Time Square, and in general, “did the town”! We got wonderful “face time” with so many key friends and met with other company people, so we feel really caught up now. It made missing Portofino easier.

Amway has divided the world into 4 major regions with a President for each. I was able to meet with the new man for Europe/Russia/India/Africa, Samir Biel, and we began a strong relationship of partnership for that region. Then, We were also recently treated to a visit in Atlanta by Amway’s new President for the America’s, Tanios Viviana…another great choice! Warm, engaging, entrepreneurial, and smart. I believe we will see great things from this new leadership. Everything is in place for some powerful growth.

Amway has had more than one “$Billion dollar month” this year, so they are on track to hit $12 Billion soon and perhaps become the largest Direct Sales company in the world. With 1000 patents and 800 pending, and over 20,000 employees, and over 18,000 new Platinums this year globally….the good news keeps coming from that side. The Nutrilite brand has now reached $5 Billion in sales this year alone, so there is much to be grateful for in the business side of life. And in our world….”business” success means people being blessed and encouraged and uplifted.

Maxwells and Dornans Together Again

On another personal note, last week Nancy and I, along with Dave and Jules, went to two great events hosted by EQUIP (John Maxwell’s non profit leadership training group). One was a dinner and fundraiser with NFL football celebrity, Tim Tebow. That was such a treat and an inspiration to see how such a talented and high profile athlete can remain so humble and strong in his desire and determination to serve the Lord and honor Him with his life and his notoriety. Those of you not living in the USA can hardly appreciate this young man’s testimony and example as he was thrust into an incredibly difficult and high pressure situation in the world of professional sports. We had a lot of young people there to hear him speak about his life, his faith,  and his experiences/lessons. We had our Power Soccer athletes there too. He and John were amazing together. He encouraged everyone to find something they love, work hard with passion, and value relationships. Many athletes these days say that they are “not role models”. Tim says:  “Yes you are!… you might just be a bad one”. He is grateful for the platform football has given him to share his faith and he knows if it doesn’t last, his life is about much more than that. He has already started a major foundation and gives generously. He is quite a story.

Then we also attended a ground breaking ceremony that afternoon with many government officials and business leaders for the new “John C Maxwell Leadership Center”. It is a multi-million dollar facility (all donated) that will host the offices for EQUIP, the EQUIP Hall of Fame, and a state- of -the -art media production and broadcasting center that accommodates 250 ppl and will serve their needs for world class development and training of future leaders around the world.  As a founding board member of EQUIP, I was overwhelmed by this facility and its potential and value to this and future generations of leaders, who wish to become more effective at honoring God with their lives and talents,  and it will be up and running January 2014. I think I will envision some great N21 things being done there too!!

EQUIP has now trained over 5 million leaders during the past ten years in 165 different countries. There are actually 4-5 EQUIP training seminars going on every day of the week around the world now. The goal is to take these “equipped” leaders and move from “training to transformation”, where they use these skills and leadership talents to transform the countries and communities in which they live. Stories coming out of China, Korea, Iran, Lebanon, South America, Asia, and all over the world, would melt your hearts. It does mine, as I see how desperate people are for leadership and what a difference it makes when people discover that “everything rises and falls around leadership”…and that it is learn-able!

As you can all see, the Dornan life is as always filled with great things….. and seemingly “not so great” things. That is how life is. There is always some of each and it is important what we focus on.  I need more treatments…bummer! But, they are available to me, and I can get them near home rather than having to travel…..hooray! I  couldn’t go to Italy, but I did go to NYC.  My life has needed to endure change and uncertainty….but I have certainty in the Lord and I will be better because of the changes. I bet each of you my friends have similar things that you can recognize. What are we focused on? Who are we trusting? What we see? What the enemy whispers? What God has promised?


I believe that God is at work in my  life for sure. He has shown me what an amazing family I have as they have sacrificed and prayed and surrounded me for so much longer than they had hoped or planned. …never wavering in their faith or optimism. He has shown me what an amazing business family I have as well. At the corporation we have seen from top down, a  gracious and loving level of encouragement and many offers of assistance. And from my partners and associates and staff/executives, and friends globally….I have witnessed an outpouring of prayers and leadership and accountability and patience. Things actually may be going “better” than they might have with me “fully engaged” as before. (maybe that is a bit unsettling…?). Really…it is encouraging and humbling and it makes me feel that God is preparing us all for something greater.

I am spending time while in this period of “waiting” and “retraining” doing so much reading and thinking and praying and discovering. Jim 2.0 is developing nicely and I am seeking Him in the best ways to apply my lessons in both my personal life and my business life (but is there any difference in my world?).  I am becoming  convinced that we can do so much more to add value for our Business associates through technology, and through deliberate and strategic local gatherings and deliberate mentoring.  As I was listening to both Andy Stanley and John Maxwell recently, we all see the value in going “deeper” with the right people rather than “wider” with too many. Rather than trying to be everywhere with everyone…we can be longer and richer with the few who make it all go.  We can equip. We can duplicate. We can let God multiply. We can count it all joy and get excited about what He has prepared. I know we Are doing just that. I continue to marvel at how well things are going globally, and I thank everyone for being such great partners and applying the principles of leadership and ownership and teamwork that has allowed us to get so far together already.

As I continue to ask you to lift our family up in prayer, I am always reminded of the true value and purpose of our prayers.

I read this recently:

The essence of prayer does not consist in asking God for something but in opening our hearts to God, in speaking with Him, and living with Him in perpetual communion.  Prayer is continual abandonment to God.  Prayer does not mean asking God for all kinds of things we want; it is rather the desire for God Himself, the only Giver of Life.  Prayer is not asking, but union with God.  Prayer is not a painful effort to gain from God help in the varying needs of our lives.  Prayer is the desire to possess God Himself, the Source of all life.  The true spirit of prayer does not consist in asking for blessings, but in receiving Him who is the giver of all blessings, and in living a life of fellowship with Him. — Sadhu Sundar Singh

I just like to keep this in mind as I seem to be in a period of life where I am always “asking”, and I want us all to acknowledge that God does indeed command us to ask Him to supply our needs…but he also wants us to rest in Him and to praise Him, and to seek Him for who He is and not just for what He can give us. This is not just about healing or relief from pain or fear or self-reliance…it is also about communion with our crater and allowing Him to be Lord of our lives. In all ways and in His timing. So, thanks for lifting me up so fervently and faithfully. I feel it and need it. “The fervent prayers of a righteous man avails much”. There are so many of you who are such prayer warriors that I am strengthened and empowered by your support and your faith. These are again times when the enemy wants to distract us with “doubt” and with discouragement. He will NOT. We are standing strong here (most of the time) and I am getting more and more wise to the enemy’s ways. Let me leave us today with something I read regarding this topic.

Joshua summoned all the men of Israel and said:
“Put your feet on the necks of these kings.”      Jos 10:24 NIV

When Israel entered the Promised Land there were five kings with armies determined to stop them. But God helped Joshua to defeat them and all five kings ran and hid in a cave. So Joshua told his soldiers to bring them out and put their foot on each of their necks. That day God¹s Word to His people was: Be strong and of good courage, for thus the Lord will do to all your enemies against whom you fight (v. 25 NKJV). What a promise!

Are the forces of fear trying to take up residence in your mind today? Are they causing you to think the worst instead of believing God for the best? Are they telling you that you’re unworthy to receive what He has promised, that you’ll never fulfill the destiny God has in mind for you? With God, your victory is assured, but you have a part to play in it.

You must go into that dark cave, bring each king out, place your foot on their neck and put them to death. These five kings represent your five natural senses: seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching, and God doesn’t want you to live according to their dictates. Your senses are susceptible to every negative thing going on around you, but your faith can lift you above it and give you victory. But you can’t just sit down and do nothing. Your passivity gives them the right to rule you. They have no power over you, except the power you give them. So put your foot down!

Now…isn’t that a great visual?! We must resist this habit or temptation or misconception daily in all areas of our life. What God has for us is not determined by what we see or sense only in the physical world. We are spiritual creatures with a purpose and a protector. Let’s all get out those “kings” daily and together put our feet on their necks. You lose! God wins!

See Y’all soon!


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