Jim’s Update – January 17, 2010

Let me begin today with an apology for my too long silence. After all the initial activities to get my treatments started here in Houston..and then the holidays with the family here….it seems that we settled into the “realities” of our new temporary life.  The past two weeks have been filled with alternating between praising God, as always, for His peace, protection, and ultimate healing…and frantically moving along daily between chemo sessions, radiation, assorted other appointments, and most of all….trying to get enough food down to maintain weight and nutrients. The latter (food/swallowing) was indeed the most challenging!

I was all this time LOVING the amazing messages on this site as well as assorted others coming in…and those have kept us very very uplifted and blessed. I have been so pleased and encouraged as I read from so many of you from so many segments and chapters of our life. Your prayers and offered scripture verses are really, really appreciated and needed. As you have individually and collectively shared your belief in my eventual healing and return to my “duties”, my faith and determination grows daily and with each message. It is so clear to me that our Lord has allowed me to be placed in a very unique position, with such a loving, optimistic, expectant, faith-filled, diverse, and powerful family to lead….and I am touched and inspired by your cares for me. As I read and ponder… I want to be an far better man after this…for you…and for the Lord. He has my full attention!

So…there have been a couple of weeks that were difficult to put in words (and still are) and I want to encourage each of you that together we are winning this battle with the enemy. It is a spiritual battle, and a battlefield of the mind….and yet, what we “see” is just the physical. God promises in His Word that through faith in Christ…we can have anything we ask….if we believe. We are all believing together around the world, and that is so comforting and amazing. You are all amazing! The doubt creeps in and the enemy tries to discourage and separate us from that power and peace…I must fight that each day…and I am!  This experience sure brings me “up close and personal” with the debilitating and destructive power of “fear”. I know many of you deal with it in your business, and in your lives, and I am rapidly becoming so much more aware of your battles, and where the real answers are. I feel some books coming on. I certainly am being given a chance to “go deep” for the lessons and the answers. But the “peace” is His gift to me.

As a major praise report…This week has finally been far better in the swallowing department, and I am getting calories down far better. Still soft and largely liquid, but can get it down at least…that was quite a relief after my previous weeks of challenges. I know Nancy will also share about our efforts to keep my blood levels strong through this treatment process. Last week my levels were quite good, and I am tolerating the radiation very well so far. We are so grateful, and praising God again and continuously. Now…the nutrition specialist I went to had some more sobering, but helpful thoughts on my blood levels as he is looking for other things that will give my body the right balances and immune strength to fight and kill whatever the radiation and chemo don’t…and more permanently. So I got a large basket full of even more weird potions and powders to get down the hatch. I am amazed myself at my attitude about this…it is a whole new world. Interesting what we do to “live”. As God in His infinite grace, grants me long life…I need to be more “helpful” and committed to not abusing my body and allowing disease that is avoidable. A “remake” physically as well as spiritually.

Finally…over this past weekend we had a Weekend Seminar in California for our “local” business…and for the first time in more than 25 years, we were obviously not there. Our amazing staff (well, basically Adam Livingston) arranged for a live streaming video from his i-Phone to our computer! So with the two hour time difference…we sat on Friday night and watched after midnight as the event unfolded and we felt emotionally part of it. As each speaker came up it was so inspiring to me to be reminded of what these amazing events, that form the bedrock of the N21 system..continue to do in the lives of people globally. Such vision, and class, and harmony, and professionalism,  and fun, and hope, and energy. Dave did a “kick off talk” that was absolutely the perfect mix of energy and posture and anticipation for what is possible this year. Jules was equally amazing as even when announcing new tools, she made an impact on the people on so many levels. She and Dave both delivered flawless and spot-on talks during the event, and the other speakers including Tony and Mary Henderson from New Zealand… really delivered! I stayed up quite late to hear Tony Friday night and was so blessed by how these events work so well “without us”. And I felt that I was “there”!

In the N21 system, there are obviously multiple Weekend Seminars (often dozens) going on globally every month (look at www.n21guy.com)… and we are not at those either! They work because our teams are so strong and united, and well equipped…and the leadership is of such high quality and commitment. ANY speaker of N21, anywhere, anytime…with the N21 staff… and it is like fine music. We are in our personal “time out” for the moment, and only God knows what we are being called to do with this as we move ahead into His will, and under His Amazing Grace. But we are joy-filled, and ready. We are so blessed (have I said this enough?…) to have the ability to step aside when life requires it…and yet see our life’s work/passion continue uninterrupted, and our global  family rise up and get even stronger together. God is good and we can trust Him. His favor on us to this point has been overwhelming.

So….as we prepare to enter another week of our “Houston experience”, I continue to be humbled by the love and encouragement of my friends, and the ever-present peace of the Lord. Please continue to speak to us on the site…and to pray “without ceasing”. We are doing great…but this kind of battle is a daily one, and we are comforted by your unselfish petitions on our behalf. And your unending belief in us. Nancy’s comments below have some great additional “color” (she is a great communicator as you all know) and you can easily see why I need her. She is always there believing and loving. We are having some laughs… and intend to have more. As I move into the deeper/later stages of this treatment, I ask for your prayers that no negative effects from the junk that they use to attack the enemy will impact us. So far we have been truly spared much of the pain and issues that so many others of you have shared with us in your similar journeys. So many others have such powerful stories of courage and strength and faith…these stories and people really inspire me. Keep that faith in all you do.  Let’s keep our eyes on the Lord and His perfect plan and love. Then we can “rest” in that… as we joyfully complete this chapter of our life, and begin to dream again about what we can do from here… together (us, you and our Lord, saviour and healer).

More soon from Houston. Jim

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