Jim’s Update – February 7, 2011

Greetings again from Atlanta! I so appreciate all the wonderful new messages I have been reading since returning home to Atlanta. You all are such a blessing and your thoughts, and prayers, and sharing keeps me aware of what God has provided each of us through our N21 family and our many years of life together.

The picture you see is one taken Sunday at home during the Super Bowl.  I was challenging Eric to Scrabble on my I-Pad. He won of course as he is formidable at Scrabble. We just had Dave Ruelas and Eric and Abbie and Heather and Ashley Kate…. and it was nice to be together. They ate Mexican snacks and later pizza…..and I had my famous “shake” trying to keep up the healthy calories.

If truth were told, this has been an unexpectedly difficult week. The “burning” that was predicted became quite noticeable, and my eating declined. I went two days for some IV fluids and an assortment of nutrients that were given for dehydration etc. Sitting 4 hours at the clinic also made the eating more challenging. It has been horribly cold in Atlanta so it is not much fun to go out. All in all a pretty challenging week.

Saturday and Sunday I was surprised to notice that I felt quite weak and had some “chills” etc so finally… right before the game started…. I decided to take my temperature to see if I might have a fever. Surprise!….. I did. So, apparently on top of all else…. I had a touch of flu or some kind of virus….no wonder I felt so poorly for those days!!  With all this, I have lost some more weight so I need to get back into action now. Pray for that if you will.

I felt much improved this morning…. and no fever finally. It must have been all those prayers from you around the clock! ( really!!! who has so many people praying for them??). Keep them strong as they really make a difference in so many ways. God cannot ignore so many of his “saints” as we lift each other up. Actually, my swallowing continues to improve (praise God), and I am confident that the Lord will see me through this chapter as He always has.

Dave and Jules are fully entrenched on the island of Maui for the US Diamond meetings. Their first debut…. and a well deserved reward/celebration/memory for sure. They have the two girls with them. Since we were unable to attend, the company had arranged very special accommodations for Founders Council this year. They reserved some first class three bedroom Villas with a private chef and all the goodies. Dave and Jules are using that Villa, and have their nanny as well, so those three bedrooms are really a blessing. It is not the “normal” first-year-Diamond experience for them…but we are thrilled that it has worked out so well. As we were to be recognized for 55 FAA, Amway is allowing our precious kids to enjoy a few of the extras that we don’t want to “waste”. All in God’s perfect plan I know.

Allow me to share the words in closing from a devotional that I read daily. It is called “Jesus Calling”. This one was from Feb 7…right when I discovered the fever and was feeling quite “low”. God is amazing in his love for us and his provision for those of us who are saved through Jesus. Here is what it said:

“Come to me for rest and refreshment. The journey has been too much for you,and you are bone-weary. Do not be ashamed of your exhaustion. Instead, see it as an opportunity for Me to take charge of your life.

Remember that I can fit everything into a pattern for good, including the things you wish were different. Start with where you are at this point in time and space, accepting that this is where I intend you to be. You will get through today one step, one moment at a time. Your main responsibility is to remain attentive to Me, letting Me guide you through the many choices along your pathway.

This sounds like an easy assignment…but it is not. Your desire to live in my presence goes against the grain of ” the world, the flesh and the devil”. Much of your weariness results from your constant battle against these opponents. However, you are on the path of my choosing, so do not give up!  Hope in Me, for you will again praise Me for the help of My presence.
Romans 8:28
Psalm 42:11

I offer a huge “amen” form this reading as it so directly spoke to me. I pray it might speak to you as well. Our hope is in Him. Our healer and deliverer. Our Lord and savior.

Thanks for being out there for me.


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